Degrees With Co-op

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Bachelor of Arts:
Economics, English, French, German, Spanish, History, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Women and Gender Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration:

Bachelor of Business Administration: Areas of concentration include Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Technology Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Employment Relations. E-Business concepts are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Bachelor of Community Development:
With or without Environment and Sustainability Studies

Bachelor of Computer Science:
Students develop a broad knowledge of Computer Science and a thorough understanding of computer systems software, modern software design methods and computer systems hardware.

Bachelor of Science with Majors in:
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics & Statistics, Nutrition, Physics, and Psychology

Master of Science in Computer Science:
Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics & Statistics:
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics & Statistics