Hiring Process

Position Requirements

A Co-op work term or internship is an academic course recognized on the students' transcript of marks. Therefore to be considered for Co-op, the following position criteria must be met:

  • The work must be related to the student's program of study. See Degrees With Co-op.
  • Positions begin in January, May, or September and typically run for 16 weeks. However, a minimum of 12 weeks is acceptable. (Students are also available for 8 month Co-op terms, and 12 and 16 month internships.)
  • A minimum of 35 hours per week.
  • As an employee, Co-op students are paid by the employer (The only exception is for Nutrition students where renumeration is optional). Salary is determined by the employer. Salaries vary by discipline, employer location, and the experience level of the student being hired. On average, the range is between $400 - $700 per week, with some disciplines paid higher, some lower. Funding for employers is available to aid in the hiring of Co-op students. Please see Historical Wages as a reference in determining competitiveness.

We begin posting 4 months in advance of the work term. Positions are typically posted within 24 hours from the time they are received by the Co-op Coordinator and are given a two week deadline for students to apply (if a deadline is not specified by the employer). We continue to post positions throughout the 4 months leading up to the work term. We work on a first-come, first-served basis rather than a rounds/ranking system. All deadlines are set by the employer.

Applications from Students

Applications will be collected by the Co-op Office and forwarded to the employer by e-mail, unless an alternate delivery method is requested. Applications are sent the day after the posting closes to students.

Students will submit their resume and the Co-op Office will provide their transcript of marks. Should you have other requirements such as cover letter or references, please state this on your posting.


Interviews are quickly and efficiently coordinated by the Co-op Office. We work with the employer to find times that are mutually convenient for the interviewer and the students. Interviews can be held on campus, by phone, by video conference, by skype and at the employer's site (depending upon location). Simply send us your preferred date, time(s), expected duration, interviewer name(s), method and location and we will do the rest!


When interviews are completed, please contact the Co-op Office with your rankings. The Co-op Coordinator will extend the offer to the first ranked student and ask that they respond within 48 hours. If they decline, the offer will be extended to the second ranked student and so on.

When an offer has been verbally accepted by the student, the employer will be notified and asked to formalize the offer with a written letter/e-mail. The offer letter should contain details such as:

  • Salary
  • Start/End date
  • Hours of work per week
  • Where and who to report to on their first day of work
  • Travel allowance (if provided)
  • Any other information the student needs to know before starting their new position