We have a reputation for being the most innovative, primarily undergraduate university in Canada. Acadia Co-op students come from a unique learning environment where technology is totally integrated into the curriculum. Exposed to a very personal education focused on excellence, our students are great researchers, communicators and collaborators.

  • Co-op students are available for 4 & 8-month Co-op work terms and 12 & 16 month internships
  • Work terms begin in January, May and September of each year
  • We post Co-op job opportunities during the 4 months leading up to the start of the work term
  • View the list of Degrees With Co-op
  • We do not use a rounds/ranking system, rather we work on a first-come, first-served basis

Acadia Co-op Brief for Employers

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Employer Testimonial

tl_files/sites/co-op/resources/Michael_Vaughan.JPG"We've been involved with the Co-operative Education Program at Acadia University for a number of years.  In the beginning we saw this as an opportunity to provide leadership and guidance to students in an office environment and as a chance to give back to the community.  Since being involved in the program we've come to realize that the students have been the ones providing the opportunity.  Their education, skills sets and enthusiasm have created a real sense of energy in the office.  Our students have become so integrated into our culture we're not certain if we could maintain operations without them. We would recommend this program to any organization interested in utilizing talented energetic youth."

Michael Vaughan
Manager, Tri-District Revenue & Receivables, Financial Shared Sevices
Annapolis Valley District Health Authority