Why Hire an Acadia Co-op Student?

Acadia University has a reputation of being one of the top universities in Canada because of its innovative and personalized approach to education. Our Co-op program is nationally accredited with CEWIL Canada and our co-op students are prepared to make valuable contributions to your organization. 

  • Co-op students are available for 4 & 8-month Co-op work terms and 12 & 16 month internships
  • Work terms typically begin in January, May and September of each year
  • We post Co-op job opportunities during the 4 months leading up to the start of a work term
  • We work on a first-come, first-served basis rather than a rounds/ranking system
  • View the list of Degrees With Co-op
  • Check out this great overview of Co-op, its process, expectations, and benefits: Co-op Resource for Employers  
  • The Canadian Association for Supported Employment has created a HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit to support employers in maintaining an inclusive workplace
  • Hire for Talent provides practical tips and strategies on successful recruitment, hiring, inclusion and retention of people with disabilities


"As a small business owner, I rarely have enough time to develop and implement all the programs I would like to deliver. Having a nutrition Co-op student from Acadia University has provided us with the capacity to offer more high-quality nutrition services to our clients. We are a small business with an intimate team; therefore, co-op students take on big projects and make a huge impact within our organization. We look forward to welcoming more Acadia Co-op students in the future!"

Jenny Jeffrey

OnSide Performance Centre

"We've hired many fantastic Co-op students through Acadia University's Co-op program. The Co-op Coordinators are professional and provide access to qualified candidates for your position. At Sackville Business Association, we offer students the ability to gain firsthand knowledge of the business world and have the benefit of mentorship from the Sackville Business Association's Executive Director and Marketing Coordinator."

Michelle Champniss

Sackville Business Association

“Students bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm and become a valuable member of the team here at Building Futures. They are proven to be intelligent, quick learners and are motivated to succeed. We are proud of our students for gaining the passion to support people with different abilities and become advocates for them as well. Teaching students how to effectively support individuals with disabilities increases their employment prospects.”

Jennifer Pauley

Building Futures Employment Society

“Having an Acadia Co-op student part of the Benjamin Bridge team was both successful and rewarding getting to watch each student flourish and grow into their roles. The expertise and experience that they gained played such a huge part in this season's success. The students were hardworking and dedicated, making their co-op an absolute delight!”

Brittany Parker

Benjamin Bridge

"We have always had a pleasurable experience having Acadia Co-op students as part of our team! They have been consistently hard working, dedicated, eager and helpful. Students complete projects for our facility that are useful and implement creative solutions for changes needed in our department. Our students gain a mixture of clinical and management experience during their Co-op term with us."

Nikki O’Melia

Harbour View Haven



“Having an Acadia Co-op Student on my team was excellent! I was fortunate to have three students from Acadia at once. They all knew each other from class beforehand and worked extremely well together. While their business interests were different, they all had some things in common: they brought their curiosity to learn, drive to succeed and excel, and strong work ethic to the co-op.” 

Laura Park

Dash Hudson