Co-op: A Pathway to Success

Acadia University’s Co-op Program is nationally accredited and has been recognized as one of the best in the country! It integrates study terms with paid, discipline-related work terms allowing students the opportunity to enhance their skills, create contacts in industry, and gain a better understanding of their strengths and interests while exploring different work environments and potential careers. 

Employers from across Canada hire Co-op students to work on special projects and assist during peak periods while often evaluating them for future hire. Many Co-op students have full-time job offers upon graduation because of their Co-op experiences.

Co-op gives students a distinct competitive advantage in the labour market! 



“I believe the Co-op program offered me experience that I wouldn't have been able to obtain through just academics. It helped me become a better computer scientist and grow as a person. I would definitely recommend the Co-op program if you are wanting to get the most out of your education at Acadia.”

Matt Tees

Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op Option)

“The Co-op program has been an amazing experience. It has encouraged me to be more reflective and set goals for myself which I would not have otherwise done. I would highly recommend Co-op to any student that is wanting more work experience.”

Kaileigh Skinner
Bachelor of Community Development (Co-op Option)

"My experience in the Co-op program at Acadia left a lasting impression on me. Entering the program, I was unsure of the type of work environment that suited me; however, after a full year of experience, I know exactly what allows me to flourish. The employers I worked with supported my goals and ambitions and provided mentorship and advice. Being part of the Co-op program was one of the best experiences I had at Acadia. Education is so much more than sitting in a classroom, and Co-op embodies that!"

Payton Wood
Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op Option)

"We've been involved with the Co-op program at Acadia for a number of years. In the beginning we saw this as an opportunity to provide leadership and guidance to students in an office environment and as a chance to give back to the community. Since being involved in the program we've come to realize that the students have been the ones providing the opportunity. Their education, skills sets, and enthusiasm have created a real sense of energy in the office. Our students have become so integrated into our culture, we're not certain if we could maintain operations without them. We would recommend this program to any organization interested in utilizing talented energetic youth."

Michael Vaughan
Manager - Nova Scotia Health Authority

“Acadia’s Co-op program was the best part of my undergraduate experience. I was able to spend two work terms working in a nursing home and a third work term working with people with intellectual disabilities. I gained new skills, knowledge, and confidence in the workplace and secured my dream job all before graduation. I strongly recommend this program to any student looking to determine exactly what they want for a career.” 

Morgan Leary

Bachelor of Arts - Sociology & Women and Gender Studies (Co-op Option)

“The Co-op program has influenced my university career for the better, allowing for experience with not-for-profit organizations and labs at Acadia University. The support of the Co-op Coordinators has been consistently helpful and the program itself allowed me to discover what works for me. The experience gained while part of the Acadia Co-op program helped me increase confidence in my abilities and get the most out of my degree.”

Anna Murphy
Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science (Co-op Option)

"Acadia’s Co-op program offers great opportunities to students to get into professional working environments and boost their professional development. As an international student, I was a stranger to this country. Co-op staff gave me guidance on things such as resume building and interview preparation which helped build my confidence. I don’t believe I would have secured my role with the Nova Scotia Health Authority without the Co-op program."

Angela (Yuqi) Cao
Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op Option)

"I have had the opportunity to make valuable connections, build and develop transferable skills, and find clarity in selecting my career path. The Co-op program at Acadia has provided me with guidance, given me a foundation of real experience to build upon, and enhanced my possibilities for future employment. From resume building, to improving my interviewing skills and more, the Co-op program has supported me each step along the way."

Julie Bernier

Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op Option)

"The Acadia Co-op program has expanded my horizons greatly. I received top-level public service experience through a work term at Deloitte and powerful industry experience while working for Imperial Oil - both in the accounting field. These positions allowed me to gain crucial experience and meaningful connections in the world of professionals before completing my BBA degree. It’s tough to imagine a better way to set yourself up for a career while still in school."

Dan Luton

Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting (Co-op Option)


“The Co-op program at Acadia University provided me with the skills and the network necessary to walk into a full-time position in my field upon graduation. The individual support and unique resources offered by the program enabled me to gain hands-on experience, take my personal and professional goal setting to a new level, and ultimately grow as a young academic, scientist, and businesswoman. The Co-op program at Acadia will truly set you apart and take you one step closer to achieving your career goals.” 

Cali Keating

Bachelor of Science with Honours - Psychology (Co-op Option)

"During my work terms I was able to improve my technical skills, learn new programming languages, and obtain experience with the day-to-day routine of working for a tech company. The most valuable thing I gained from Co-op was exploring different fields of computer science, such as web development, video game development, and artificial intelligence; so, I could decide what type of job I wanted to pursue after graduating. I recommend Co-op to all computer science students."

Ryan Pachal

Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op Option)

"We've hired many fantastic Co-op students through Acadia University's Co-op program. The Co-op Coordinators are professional and provide access to qualified candidates for your position. At Sackville Business Association, we offer students the ability to gain firsthand knowledge of the business world and have the benefit of mentorship from the Sackville Business Association's Executive Director and Marketing Coordinator."  

Michelle Champniss

Executive Director - Sackville Business Association

“If you have a specific career in mind, the Co-op program is a great way to gain experience and make connections in the field. If you are not quite sure what your career goals are, you have the potential to test three or possibly four different career options before graduating. I have become much more confident in myself and my abilities and have even been offered a permanent position upon graduation with my current work term employer.”

Anna Stewart
Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op Option)

“Prior to joining the Co-op program, I was unaware of my career options. Through this experience I was given the opportunity to explore my career options and learn valuable life skills. I was also able to obtain positive references and a year’s worth of work experience. The connections I have made have given me the opportunity to find long-term work. In my opinion, the Co-op program at Acadia University is one of the best programs on campus.”

Sarah Phillips-Smith

Bachelor of Arts - Politics & Economics (Co-op Option)

"My work terms with AGADA Biosciences have taught me how to think critically and how to approach science and research in a different way. I have been fortunate enough to gain a lot of knowledge and skills that I will be able to apply to future positions that I would not have be able to gain in the classroom."

Mark Matyas

Bachelor of Science - Biology (Co-op Option)

"The Co-op program at Acadia has provided me with tremendous opportunities and has introduced me to a wide variety of possible career directions in the nutrition and dietetics field. I believe that I effectively put my classroom learning to use and ultimately, through thoughtful reflection, was able to build upon my knowledge and learn more than I could have imagined. I strongly believe that Co-op set me on the right path to securing an integrated dietetic practicum placement, as I was able to network with professionals in the dietetic field and gain invaluable, real-world experience. If you are a student who learns best by doing, then I would suggest Acadia’s Co-op program."

Rene Bujold
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (Co-op Option)

“The Co-op program was extremely beneficial for me as I was able to find out which areas of Marketing I enjoyed. Co-op staff are amazing. The experiences you have will shape your future and you will broaden your network. If you’re someone who doesn’t know exactly what you want to do, the Co-op program is for you!”

Ally Mannette
Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op Option)