Co-op in Politics

Co-operative Education is an academic program that integrates study with paid, discipline-related work experience. Co-op students gain an enriched understanding of their academic program through practical application. In addition they refine their employability skills, gain an understanding of career opportunities in their field, and gain an understanding of the realities of the workplace.

To graduate with the Co-op Option, students complete three 4-month Co-op work terms (with an optional fourth) or a 12- or 16-month internship between their third and fourth years of study. Students that complete three Co-op work terms, or an internship, will receive 3 credit-hours, counting as one elective course for graduation requirements.

Students typically enrol in Co-op at the beginning of their second year of study, but third-year students are also welcome. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required.

All Co-op students attend workshops and receive one-on-one coaching in job preparation skills such as resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, business ethics, and more.

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Student Testimonial

tl_files/sites/co-op/resources/Doriane_Presse.jpg"As a third year Political Science major it was hard to find my first work term. There were not many internships I could apply for and I was getting nervous. However, in April, in the middle of the exam period, a great opportunity presented itself: an internship abroad with CIDA and AUCC. I am having the time of my life right now. I was sent to Cape Coast, Ghana and I am working for a NGO called Abusua Foundation. I am looking forward to my next work term now and also to go back to school in September with all this new experience."

Doriane Presse
'12 BA Political Science (Co-op Option)

Co-op Work Terms
        - Youth Capacity Development Initiative Intern, Abusua Foundation, Cape Coast, Ghana