Acadia University offers one of the very best undergraduate programs in the country. The Co-operative Education Option strategically integrates academic study with discipline-related, paid work experience.

Data from the most recent graduate survey done by Statistics Canada show that students graduating with Co-op versus students graduating without Co-op:

  • Are more likely to pay off their student loans within two years of graduation
  • Enjoy higher full-time employment rates
  • Earn significantly more

To graduate with the Co-op Option, undergraduate students complete three 4-month Co-op work terms (with an optional fourth) or a 12--16-month internship between their third and fourth year of study. Students that complete three Co-op work terms, or an internship, will receive 3 credit-hours, counting as one elective course for graduation requirements. 

Master of Computer Science students complete two 4-month Co-op work terms, while Master of Math and Statistics students complete one 4-month Co-op work term. Typical Co-op schedules can be found under 'Degrees with Co-op' on the left.

Student Testimonial

"The Co-op program here at Acadia provided me with the confidence, experience and knowledge that is imperative upon graduation in this job climate. I was able to acquire excellent positions that empowered me to be heavily involved in projects and really make the positions my own and make a difference. Graduating with a full year of work experience has allowed me to grow as an individual and narrow down what I want to do for a career. After doing co-op I am ready to take the world by storm as opposed to letting the world take me by storm."

Kenneth Norton
'10 Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op Option)

Currently: Digital Marketing Manager at The Score (the Sports Television Network)

Co-op Work Terms
    - Project Coordinator, C.I.B.C. Technology and Operations, Mississauga, ON
    - Blackberry Internet Services Project Administrator, Research In Motion, Waterloo, ON
    - Product Management Specialist, Research In Motion, Waterloo, ON