FAQs - Work Terms

If my co-op program requires me to do three work terms but I am only able to secure two by the time I finish my degree, will I still be eligible to graduate?

Students still graduate but not with the Co-op Option.


How long are the work terms?

Work terms can be 4 or 8 months in duration. They must be a minimum of 12 weeks and provide at least 35 hours of work per week to qualify. 12 and 16 month internships are also available with select employers.


How do I find a work term?

Once students have been accepted into the Co-op Program, complete the required professional development workshops, and have their resume/cover letter approved by a Co-op Coordinator, they will be granted access to the Acadia Co-op Portal, where they can apply for jobs sourced by the Co-op office.

If a student plans on finding their own co-op opportunity, they must have the job description approved by their Co-op Coordinator. Once they have secured a position, the employer must provide an offer letter to the Co-op Office. The position must be full-time, paid, related to the student’s degree, and at least 12 weeks in duration.


When do I have to apply for co-op positions?

There are three periods when co-op work terms begin: Fall (September/October), Winter (January/February), or Intersession (May/June). Approximately four months before the start of a term, positions will begin to be posted to the Co-op Portal.


Can I take time off when I’m in the Co-op Program or while doing a work term?

It is possible, but not guaranteed. Students must seek pre-approval from their employer. Students should always ask early, be definitive with dates, have a plan for how their responsibilities can be covered while away, and explain how they will make up for the time taken off.


Do I have to submit co-op assignments after each work term even if I do another work term with the same employer?

8-month work terms count as two 4-month work terms; so, students must complete two sets of assignments.  


Does the Co-op Office provide assistance during work terms?

Co-op Coordinators are available throughout the duration of a work term to assist in any way possible.