Co-operative Education - Real Skills for the Real World!

Acadia University has one of the best Co-op programs in the country and is nationally accredited. Co-op enables current students to gain hands-on, paid experience in work terms related to their field of study giving them tangible skills, one year of work experience, contacts in industry, a solid idea of what they want to do, and job offers...all by the time they graduate!

Co-operative Education students are among Acadia's best! Employers use the Co-op program to get special projects done or to cover seasonal demands and peak periods. As a side benefit, Co-op is an excellent recruitment tool used to evaluate students for potential full-time hire. What could be better than a 4, 8, 12 or 16-month interview with no strings attached?


"I went into the Co-operative Education program's information session with doubts; I came out a Co-op student. My first work term was an unforgettable experience and has opened my eyes to the possible career directions available in my field of study. If you are unsure of what to do after university and would like to know where your discipline can take you, the Acadia Co-op option is for you!"

- Colin Buhariwalla
2010 BSc Biology (Co-op Option)

"Co-op has been the most valuable part of my education at Acadia University. Without it, I never would have figured out what I wanted to do as a career. I am also graduating with a job in my field because of the connections I’ve made through the program!"

- Kaitlyn Eisnor

"We've been involved with the Co-op Program at Acadia for a number of years.  In the beginning we saw this as an opportunity to provide leadership and guidance to students in an office environment and as a chance to give back to the community.  Since being involved in the program we've come to realize that the students have been the ones providing the opportunity.  Their education, skills sets and enthusiasm have created a real sense of energy in the office.  Our students have become so integrated into our culture we're not certain if we could maintain operations without them. We would recommend this program to any organization interested in utilizing talented energetic youth."

- Michael Vaughan
Manager, Nova Scotia Health Authority

"Co-op offers the perfect mixture of professional experience and personal development."

- Mike Wilkinson

"I have had the opportunity to make valuable connections, build and develop transferable skills, and have found clarity in selecting my career path. The co-op program at Acadia has provided me with guidance, given me a foundation of real experience to build on, as well as enhanced my acceptance possibilities for future employment. From resume building, to improving my interviewing skills and more, the co-op program has supported me in each step along the way."

- Julie Bernier

"Through my work experiences I gained cross-cultural communication skills, a new language (Spanish), and a network of friends and former employers across Canada and abroad. I expanded my knowledge of gender issues, First Nations history and culture, and my love for travel. Most importantly my experiences in Co-op helped to shape my interests in politics and to narrow down my list of career possibilities. Co-op enabled me to apply what I had learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios, offering much more memorable and valuable lessons than a textbook."

- Sarah D'Arcy