How Co-op Works

Once your application is approved, we take you through a number of steps to get you ready:

  • Mandatory Professional Development Workshops - These group sessions are offered in the fall and winter semesters to help prepare you for the competitive Co-op hiring process. Topics include resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, networking, and business ethics. These are skills that you will use throughout your career.

  • One-on-one resume, cover letter and interview preparation (November and December). Your resume must meet final approval from your Co-op Coordinator before you are eligible to apply for Co-op positions.

  • We continue to offer a personalized service throughout your time in the Co-op program.

You've got mail!

In January, your email inbox begins pinging with summer Co-op opportunities. Most students will do their first Co-op work term in the summer following entry into the Co-op program. 95% of Co-op placements are developed by the Co-op Coordinators. We have many employers who post with us regularly, but we are always working on developing new opportunities.

You are in the driver's seat!

These emails include the employer name, location, position title, duration of placement, and a detailed job description. You decide which positions you apply to. The more actively you apply, the better your chance of success.