Why Hire Acadia Co-op Students ?

Reputation - Acadia University consistently ranks in the top 3 in McLean'sannual Primarily Undergraduate University Rankings.

Latest Technical Skills - The internationally recognized Acadia Advantage Program aims to incorporate technology, enhancing the real and live classroom environment. Students are empowered to learn the latest technical skills to meet the changing demands of today's workplace.

Access to Top Students - Co-operative Education students are among Acadia's best. Co-op students must complete 2 years of study before their first work term; complete mandatory preparatory workshops; and maintain a minimum grade point average.

Attract the Leaders of Tomorrow - Co-op gives employers a chance to attract students to their organization early on, giving them an opportunity to share in shaping their personal and professional development. Many companies use Co-op as their main recruiting strategy.

Motivated Workers - Acadia's Co-op students have chosen to be in Co-operative Education. They are career-oriented individuals, motivated to apply their skills and ready to work, who understand that the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.

Experience - Acadia has offered our students the Co-operative Education advantage since 1982.

Employer Testimonial

"Superna has been involved with the Co-operative Education Program from Acadia over the last 18 months.  We have a strong corporate commitment to working with different co-operative programs and have found the Acadia students have  provided us with an outstanding contribution to our overall business success over the last year.  Several Acadia students have come in to work with us and have provided an immediate impact on our software development programs and projects.  We have found that their maturity, energy and skill level allow them to quickly integrate with our teams into real customer engagements.  We would recommend the program to any organization considering the Co-operative Education Program. "

Michael Arno
Superna Analytics Inc.